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New York Herald, Nov. 11, 1845


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, John,

Producing the complete article and boxscore is definitely a contribution. It's not yet clear in my mind whether or to what degree it changes the general notion of the state of baseball at that time, but it seems to require us to stop and think about that. It has been so long since Joel and I turned through the pages of the KBB Club book there in the NY Library (as always, you are way too generous in praising us!)but do we know whether they had ceased play (at least as recorded in that book)by November? I ask that not suggetsing that it proves much of anything!
The somewhat unclear statement you make, however, is that the Knickerbockers were at that same time playing a game on another field in Hoboken--or have I misread (misremembered) that? Are we to take that literally--if so, where was this field?

John Bowman

7:51 PM  
Blogger John Thorn said...

John, the Knicks continued to play intramural games until November 18 of 1845. On November 10, while some of them were playing amidst the New York BBC, 16 other Knicks indeed played on one of the several playing fields (some were for cricket only, others for baseball) at John Stevens' resort in Hoboken.

7:59 PM  
Blogger John Thorn said...

BTW, the name for the cricket grounds at the Elysian Fields was Fox Hill.

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