Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Calyx-krater (mixing bowl) with scene from a phlyax play
Greek, South Italian, Apulian, Late Classical, red-figure, ca. 400-390 B.C.
Attributed to the Tarporley Painter
Terracotta, h. 12-1/8 in. (30.8 cm)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fletcher Fund, 1924 (24.97.104) cat. # 179


Blogger Guano said...

A lovely vase with a comical illustration, made a thousand years after the demise of the great Minoan civilization in Crete. The Minoans are now considered by many to be Plato’s lost Atlantis, the volcanic eruption of Santorini destroying their ships in harbor at Crete with a tsunami, and ending the first great European culture.

But I digress. Having bought and marked up every edition of Total Baseball since 1989, will there be an update soon? The suspense is killing me :)

1:51 PM  
Blogger John Thorn said...

The suspense is killing me too. Shooting for a radically reconceived Total Baseball 9 (20th anniversary edition) in 2009. Thanks for your interest and support.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Charles H. Ripp MD said...

John, I will be in NYC from 7/21/7 until 7/24/7 at Coogan's Bluff writing a script for called "The shot Heard Round the World" - a father/son dialog during the pennant race of 1951. We will also visit the exhibit in NYC Nuseum - probably 7/23/7. We would like to visit with you for a few minutes. Staying at the Park in Manhattan. Beeper 17195289033 on OB call today. Will be cell 17196487253 otherwise. Thanx. Charles H. Ripp MD

10:55 AM  

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