Friday, September 01, 2006

MLBAM/MLBPA played legal canon ball and lost. This 1948 photo of Hugo Zacchini might have been an object lesson.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In MLB...Why do they shake hands with each other instead of the opposing team? Reynolds said too many games, i think it's bad role modeling and very poor sportsmanship. At least at the end of each series they should acknowledge the other teams efforts. When did this bizarre ritual start? Why? i imagine that way back when they actually did shake hands with their rivals. i know they did in little league, high school, and i think college. Did you notice that during world league only Cuba offered their hands to their opponents after the games? Not even the teams from east asia, just Cuba. Please look into this and i suggest they either congratulate the other team on the field or pat each other on the back in their dugouts and club houses. Because the fake sportsmanlike ritual on the field is an affront to logic and almost as ridiculous as throwing a 100 mile an hour fastball at someone's head or hands.

Please respond and i am sorry for being so preachy, it's just that you seem to be someone with a sense of history and might be able to help me where no one else seems to care or have any idea. eric creach 319-321-8953

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